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Best Cell Phone Service Near Me

Service 51 lets you shop, compare and order internet services in your area. Whether it’s via fiber optic, broadband DSL, dial-up, satellite or cable internet – we’ll show you all the internet providers, plans and prices available at your exact address.

So, how do I find internet providers near me?

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Who are the best mobile providers near me?

Compare and find the best cell phone service in Melbourne, FL with Service 51. Want to know which cell phone carriers have the best coverage where you live? Click or tap the icons below to view each carrier’s coverage map. Once you know which carrier offers the best coverage in your area, you can compare the price and features of each cell phone plan offered by that carrier with the Service 51 comparison tool. Smaller carriers, known as MVNOs, usually operate on the networks of one of the four large carriers.

Here are some of the best internet providers nationwide as rated by

Top Internet Providers

  • AT&T – most popular
  • Verizon – Unlimited Data
  • CenturyLink – Nationwide Fiber Availability
  • Cox Communications – Best Equipment
  • Frontier Communications – Free Equipment
  • Charter Spectrum – Best Contract Buyout Offer
  • Mediacom – Convenient Scheduling

These internet providers consistently rank among the best internet service providers in the nation. They also offer some of the fastest speeds available and broad coverage in most zip codes nationwide. If you have high internet usage or multiple devices connected to your internet, then one of the best-ranked internet providers will work best for you.

If you’re looking for low-cost, fast internet, the internet providers listed below are some of best options for cheap internet:

Cheap Internet Providers

  • Windstream
  • Suddenlink
  • CenturyLink

These providers offer good internet speeds at an affordable price. If you’re a light to medium internet user, you can save even more by choosing an internet package with a lower speed for the cheapest internet service available. This will allow you to browse the web as much as you want, but it may not be enough speed if you have lots of devices connected to your WiFi network or if you do a lot of streaming.

What types of internet services are available near me?

Fiber optic, broadband DSL, dial-up, satellite and cable internet all bring the internet into your home through a different method. Even though they are all considered high speed internet connections, each one comes with its own set of benefits, pricing options and features.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of high speed internet services.

Cable Internet

Cable providers, like Xfinity and Time Warner Cable, provide their customers with high-speed cable internet, also known as broadband internet. Cable internet providers use the same cable that connects to your TV to bring you internet. This means you don’t need a phone line to get connected.

DSL Internet

Home phone service companies, like AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink, are the main providers of DSL (Direct Subscriber Line). DSL uses a separate portion of the phone line to connect to the internet, so you can access the internet and use your phone simultaneously.

Many DSL internet providers require you to set up a phone service with them. Though, some providers offer “free standing” DSL service. A phone and internet bundle can save you money on both of these services.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic networks, like Verizon Fios and AT&T U-verse, deliver high-speed internet connections via a glass or plastic wire. Because it’s the latest internet technology, it’s not yet available in all areas. But, as more and more users demand these blazing fast internet speeds, fiber optic internet will become increasingly available in more areas.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is transmitted into your home via a dish that communicates with orbiting satellites, much like satellite TV. However, satellite internet service providers like HughesNet use a two-way signal that allows you to download information and upload to the web. In comparison, satellite TV providers send only a one-way signal to your receiver.

If you live in a rural or remote area, satellite internet options often make it possible to have home internet service.

Cheap Internet Services

If don’t need the speed of broadband or fiber optics, there are other low-cost internet alternatives. Dial-up is the cheapest internet option and is available almost everywhere there’s an existing telephone connection. All you need is a local phone number and an active telephone line dedicated to internet usage.

Popular cheap internet providers such as Windstream and Suddenlink can get you connected in no time.

Common internet service questions:

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps (megabits per second) is a measurement of internet speed, or the bandwidth throughout a network. Mbps is used to measure the capacity and speed of a data transfer. Most internet providers advertise “up to” a certain amount of Mbps, which indicates a maximum speed/bandwidth the network is capable of. Most internet providers offer internet speeds from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

How much internet speed do I need?

Consider all the devices you will connect to the internet, if you stream a lot of music and movies and if play video games online. If you fall into the high internet use category, you will probably need a higher Mbps plan (around 50 Mbps if you don’t want to worry about slow load times). If you’re a light internet user, you’ll probably be fine selecting a lower Mbps internet speed (anywhere from 1 to 10 Mbps).

What’s the difference between cable and satellite internet services?

Cable internet is delivered to your home through the same cable wires as your cable tv, so you don’t need a satellite dish or home phone line to get connected. Satellite internet is transmitted via the satellite dish connected to your home and is great for people who live in rural areas without access to cable. Satellite internet also tends to be cheaper than cable internet.

Are there internet only plans?

Most internet providers offer internet only plans, also known as standalone internet. But, sometimes bundling internet and TV together can be cheaper than standalone internet, so be sure to compare all your options before selecting a plan.

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