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Bundle your services and save in Melbourne, Fl with Service 51

What is Service 51?

Service 51 helps customers find the best deals on home services. Whether you’ve recently moved, or are looking to save, we’ll help you save on TV, internet and phone bundles available in your area.

How phone, TV, and internet bundles work

Bundling your phone, internet and TV eliminates the hassle of setting up separate services. Bundles can also help you save big on all your home services. With Service 51, finding the right home services bundle is simple and cost-effective. Our partner companies offer reduced rates when you bundle two or more home services with any phone, TV and internet provider.

What to consider when comparing bundles and providers

  • Price: Know what your monthly bill will be once the bundle’s introductory period ends. Also, ask your provider about about any upfront installation fees and see if they can waive them or offer rebates.
  • Contract Terms and Length: Read the fine print on your bundle’s contract lengths. Confirm you are committing to a contract for a specified amount of time and ask if there are early cancellation fees.
  • Ease and Availability:Since most providers offer a variety of services, it may be easier to use an existing connection to access another service. For example, a provider could connect your cable internet using the television coaxial cable already running into your home. Using already available technology is easier than setting up an entirely new connection.
  • Add-Ons and Bonuses: Companies often include incentives for bundling services. They typically offer features like unlimited calling, faster download speeds, premium programming, video on demand and more.

How to find phone, TV, and internet bundle providers

Service 51 partners with reputable home service providers like AT&T, Cox, DISH Network, Time Warner, Verizon and Xfinity to bring you the best phone, TV and internet bundles available at the lowest prices possible.

Search your address to access our free comparison tool and find the right bundle for your home. Our comparison tool helps you shop the providers, bundles and customization options available in your area. Plus, schedule a time to have all your services installed in just one call.

Common home service bundle questions:

How much money can I save by bundling TV, internet and phone?

Home service providers want you to get all of your services through them, so they are willing to offer package discounts if you bundle one or more services together. Savings vary based on which provider you choose, but if you plan on getting internet, TV and phone you will almost always save by bundling these services with one provider rather than getting them through different providers.

Can I get a TV and Internet bundle?

Most providers offer “double play” packages that allow you to bundle any two services, so you can still save on TV and internet without having to hook up a landline phone.

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